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Short Film: 5 Days to Kill

Two treasure hunters mistakenly unleash a demon which is given 5 days to quench it’s third for blood. Who will survive and what will be left of them?

A slightly longer short film than the usual, but if you have the time check it out.


5 Days to Kill


Short Film: Don’t Do Drugs, Kids

Tinker and the crew get high on their own supply.


Don’t Do Drugs, Kids

Short Film: Missing

Two investigators do some…um, investigation on the case of a girl who has mysteriously disappeared. By the way, the 15+ disclaimer at the beginning is not supposed to be taken seriously. It was just me trying (and succeeding) to scare my little sis.



Short Film: Dey See Me Rollin’

The teddies adopt the ‘tug life’, but run into an obstacle. And I also ran into an obstacle towards the end.

Dey See Me Rollin’

Short Film: Thanks for the Ride, Lady!

Tinker hitches a ride in order to avoid climbing the stairs.

Thanks for the Ride, Lady!

Short Film: Run

Tinker must escape from a demon bent on killing him.



Short Film: Snake on the Loose

Here’s another short I made, using my little sister’s toys. You’ll have to excuse the amount of times you see my hand in this one – the phone I was using to record was damaged and kept turning itself off randomly, leaving me almost having a nervous breakdown and becoming very sloppy in my framing.


Snake on the Loose

Two short films I made: Tinker vs The Big One 1 & 2

I was going through some old files on my hard drive when I came across these two videos I made a couple of years ago. As silly as it may seem it was actually kinda fun using teddy bears and music to create a story. I ended up making a few more of these which I’ll also post on this site.

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