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Movies Review: Josh

Title: Josh

Year: 2013

Runtime: 1h 44m

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Cast: Aamina Sheikh, Khalid Malik, Mohib Mirza

Director: Iram Parveen Bilal

Continuing my Urdu challenge had me find the 2013 film Josh online. As the whole point of me watching is to improve my level of Urdu you can understand my frustration when the whole movie was subtitled in English. I knew full well I’d be unable to resist reading the subtitles. However it turns out it was for the best since without the help I’d have no idea what would have been going on. The language in this one was a lot more difficult to understand than the previous entries in my Urdu challenge.

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Quote of the Week #28

“The foolish one addresses me with words of disgrace, but I hate to respond to him in a similar manner. The more ignorant he proves, the more patient I become. Just like the incense; the more it’s burnt, the more it releases its fragrance.” – Imam Shafi’i رضي الله عنه

De-aging De Niro for The Irishman – Daring or Dangerous?

From Producer Gaston Pavlovich:

You don’t use prosthetics, make-up; they have acting and the technology is able to have them go through different time ages without the prosthetics. So we’ve seen some tests and it looks extraordinary. We were able to film Bob and just do a scene. We saw it come down to when he was like 20, 40, 60, so we’re looking forward to that, from that point of view, for The Irishman … Imagine seeing what De Niro looked like in The Godfather: Part II days, that’s pretty much how you’re going to see him again.

I think most of us who have been following The Irishman are against digitally de-aging the actors for the flashback scenes. I’d much rather they went for casting different actors, a la Once Upon a Time in America. As well as the margin for error being smaller, it would also add a nice dynamic, seeing as though it is probably going to be noticeable when actors who are over 70 years old are going to be playing 30 year old versions of themselves, but when you cast different actors they bring their own little ticks to the role.

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Quote of the Week #27

“”I have never debated with a knowledgeable person, except that I won the debate, and I have never debated with an ignorant person, except that I lost.” – Imam Shafi’i رضي الله عنه

Quote of the Week #26

“When the foolish one speaks, do not reply to him, for better than a response (to him) is silence, and if you speak to him you have aided him, and if you left him (with no reply) in extreme sadness he dies.” – Imam Shafi رضي الله عنه

TV Review: Meri Zaat Zarrae Benishan: Episode #1.2

Whilst Sara attempts to settle into the household and Arfeen continues mourning the death of Saba, the episode is dominated by flashbacks which begin to unveil the connection between all the main characters. We learn that Afreen and Saba first cousins, and the latter’s extravagant and liberal nature caused her disrespect within the neighbourhood. She was a known as a ‘haraab’ woman, or bad seed, for her characteristics.

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TV Review: Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan #1.1

As part of my quest to improve the level of my Urdu, I’ve started the series ‘Meri Zaat Zarrae Benishan’ which translates to…well, I don’t actually know what it translates to. Oh well – that’s why I’m here I guess.

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The Best of the Sabri Brothers – Part 3

Taiba Ke Jane Wale

Another terrific Qawalli from the duo. This one is about The Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم

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Quote of the Week #25

“He released the two seas, meeting [side by side] (19) Between them is a barrier [so] neither of them transgresses. (20) So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (21)”

– The Holy Qu’ran, Surah Ar-Rahmaan, 55:19-21