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Movie Short Review: The Audition (2015)

A Bit of a Missed Opportunity, Really

Do you want Scorsese, De Niro, Di Caprio (and Brad Pitt, but who cares) in a Meta comedy short? Yes please, answers the nation.

Unfortunately this 15 minute short film, promoting the opening of Melco-Crown’s Macau casino resort, looks like it was just a quick cash grab for all those involved. So much for the epic De Niro-Di Caprio-Scorsese team up that everyone has been waiting for. Apparently, the stars were paid a whopping $30million each.

The story follows Bobby and Leo both arriving separately to the resort, as they have both been invited to audition for a role in Marty’s new film. Little do they know they are both completing for the same part. It’s a very cool premise that sounds much better than it actually plays out in the film. Sure, there are one or two amusing lines, but the banter between the two mega stars could have been much better. The short got dull only a couple of minutes in, and I found myself constantly looking at my watch despite the film only being 16 minutes long. Dull and forgettable. They should have done better – Terence Winter in particular, as the writer.


Oh well.