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Movie Review: The Great Train Robbery

Title: The Great Train Robbery

Year: 1903

Runtime: 11 mins

Genre: Western, Short

Cast:  Gilbert M. ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson

Director: Edwin S. Porter

A group of bandits stage a brazen train hold-up, only to find a determined posse hot on their heels.

Calling all film buffs!

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The Sopranos Review: S1E9 ‘Boca’

“They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” After the Goodfellas references last week, we get one better as the show quotes The Godfather. The reference is made by the girls’ football (that’s right Americans! Football, not soccer) coach who the mob, seeing as though many of their daughters play for the team, are not happy that he has decided to leave. The majority of the episode is taken up by Paulie, Salvadore and Chris’ attempts to bribe, bully and blackmail the coach into staying. Their attitude soon changes, however, when it is discovered that the coach has slept with one of the girls…multiple times.

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The Sopranos Review: S1E8 ‘The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti’

Tony and the mob learn during Larry Boy Barese daughter’s wedding that the FBI are about to bring down indictments. As a result, Tony gets rid of all the guns, jewellery and cash he has around the home, namely in Livia’s retirement home room. Meanwhile Christopher is going through a bit of one – He’s experiencing trouble with his movie screenplay and is infuriated that he doesn’t get a mention in the papers when even dead thugs like Brendan do. Also, we share dinner with Jennifer Melfi and her family as she shares to them that she has a mobster as a patient. Finally, and probably most crucially, a livid Livia tells Uncle Junior that Tony is seeing a psychiatrist.

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The Sopranos Review: S1E7 ‘Down Neck’

The lyrics “Your papa never told you about right or wrong” are of greater relevance in Down Neck, as Tony retreats into a good couple of interesting flashbacks whilst in Dr Melfi’s office. They go back to the times when he was about the same age as his son, and used to watch his dad chase down debt collectors and fall victim of an even more dramatic Livia.

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The Sopranos Review: S1E6 ‘Pax Soprana’

Pax Soprana is a damn fine episode, and makes for an entertaining and intriguing 50 minutes or so. Its title is derived from Pax Romana, a political but peaceful move made by the Emperor Augustus that managed to hold the Roman Empire together for over a hundred years. Comparatively, Tony must plot and move in order to keep Junior, who’s not really fit to be the Boss, from disrupting the family.

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Gotham Review: S1E1 ‘Pilot’

Superhero fans must really be kicking it now, huh? Twenty years ago the genre wasn’t taken seriously at all, with there being too few success stories for superhero films. Fast forward to now and every blockbuster that doesn’t feature talking apes is a superhero film. In addition to this the craze is slowly making its way to television with series like Arrow and Agents of Shield. The most exciting announcement for me, however, was that they were going to make a Gotham TV series following Jim Gordon’s role in the dark and criminal-ridden city. This is something I use to dream about as a kid. An adult TV series about Batman’s home city! With cop stories, shootouts, villain origins and killer cameos all promised.

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