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The Sopranos Review: S1E5 ‘College’

College is a fine entry in the Sopranos canon, especially due to the fact that it is a departure from the traditional story structure, and focuses on Tony’s relationship with his family, Meadow in particular, rather than his mobster life or therapy sessions with Dr Melfi. Most of the episode sees us with Tony and his daughter as they drive around the county inspecting colleges for the latter to enroll in.

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My Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Movies

Now that the blockbuster season is pretty much over, we can look forward to more-intelligence less-fluff pictures in the coming months. As well as this, 2015 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for movies ever, at least for sequels anyways. So then, below are ten announced movies that I am currently most pumped about.

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The Sopranos Review: S1E4 ‘Meadowlands’

The fourth episode of The Sopranos opens with a bizarre dream sequence from Tony, in which his subconscious focuses on Dr Melfi’s lovely legs (Oo-lalla is this going somewhere?), his crew suspect him of seeing a shrink, he fears he may end up like Jackie, he faces the possibility that he may be using Jennifer for some much-craved motherly attention, and confronts the fact that he is neglecting his son. After he wakes up, Tony plays some Mario Kart with Anthony Jr and, like in his life, covers his son’s eyes and cheats to win.

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Movie Review: Locke

Title: Locke

Year: 2013

Runtime: 85 mins

Genre: Drama

Cast:  Tom Hardy

Director: Steven Knight

Tagline: No turning back

Ivan Locke, a dedicated family man and successful construction manager, receives a phone call on the eve of the biggest challenge of his career that sets in motion a series of events that threaten his careful cultivated existence.

Similarly to films like Carnage and the wonderful 12 Angry Men, Locke pretty much takes place within a confined setting. In this case, a building site manager’s car journey on the motorway from Brighton to Croydon. In this everyday-like journey that he will be sharing with millions of people in the country, he makes a phone call or gets a call every so often. And that’s it. That’s all that happens in this movie. And it’s a beautiful thing.

An engrossing achievement

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The Sopranos Review: S1E3 ‘Denial, Anger, Acceptance’

Things are starting to warm up in The Sopranos, as episode 3 continues to develop three subplots introduced in the previous show: Uncle Junior seeking revenge for being humiliated by Chris, the begrudged Livia, still angry at her son for placing her in a nursing home, and the cancer-suffering boss of Tony, Jackie Aprile. In addition to this a friend of Tony’s Jewish associate Hesh Rabkin (that’s Morrie from GoodFellas!) comes to Tony for help regarding a son-in-law, and Chris gets pressured into giving Meadow some speed so that she can ‘prepare for her exams’. Continue reading →

The Sopranos Review: S1E2 ’46 Long’

From what I’ve been told, the pre-credits sequence in this episode is a once in a lifetime occurrence in the series, which can only signify its importance. It’s a really interesting scene too – as a former wise-guy is interviewed on a television set, Tony and his friends discuss cloning, the Eiffel Tower, Lady Diana, and the programme on the television. Seeing their reactions to the man in the TV declaring the glory days of the mafia to be over is somewhat curious – it demonstrated that these men knew that they were mobsters, they acknowledged it. They also despised those who spoke against their organisation. Plus it was cool just to see these guys playing cards and talking about the trivial talk. Continue reading →

The Sopranos Review: S1E1 ‘Pilot’

Right then. Despite being an avid fan of mob movies and gangster flicks, I never sat down to watch the cultural phenomenon that is The Sopranos. I never found the time nor was very in tune with the world of TV.  It was always ‘on my list’. But now the time has come. And the world of TV is bigger than ever. And as such, I intend to watch series like Game of Thrones (already up to date with this one), Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire (produced by Martin Scorsese!), The Wire and many other acclaimed series to see what all the fuss is about. I doubt anyone will be interested in a review of every single episode of a TV series, but it gives me an excuse to watch it and, as with any review, allows me to express my opinions to, well…you. Continue reading →