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8 things wrong with the new Expendables 3 trailer

Can you imagine Rambo, The Terminator, Mad Max, Indiana Jones, Blade, El Mariachi, The Transporter, Wah Sing Ku and Drago tearing things apart in the same movie? Well if that’s what your after this August you’re gonna get your wish – The Expendables 3 boasts arguably the best cast from either one of the franchise’s movies and probably the finest action-man lineup in film history. It’s therefore baffling news ┬áthat this old school throwback-to-da-80’s release was hit with a PG-13 rating by the MPAA. Not before, however, Sylvester Stallone infuriated his fan base by revealing┬áthe intended rating a couple of months ago, meaning it was his (or Avi Lerner, or whoever is responsible) intention that this would be the first non-R rated Expendables film. Stallone stated that he owes “it to the new generation”. It’s pretty obvious that translated into plain English, that reads “$$$$”.

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